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About Hucon Ltd.


Hucon is introduced as "Excellent Companies in Yokohama" under EconomicAffairs Bureau City of Yokohama.
The below is the interview issue of Hucon Steel Belt Conveyer.

Interview issue of Hucon Steel Belt Conveyer

Hucon is introduced as "Excellent Companies in Yokohama" under EconomicAffairs Bureau City of Yokohama.
The below is the interview issue of Hucon Steel Belt Conveyer.
Hucon Ltd. is a manufacturer and seller of steel belts used in production lines. In November 2013 it began offering a very popular free steel belt manufacturing service for up to five companies monthly. We spoke to company president Jun Ofuji and Tetsuya Yamazaki at the company’s main office and factory in Sakae-ku, Yokohama. (Compiled on February 13, 2014, at Hucon main office) 

-Please discuss your company’s business. 
We are a company that specializes in the manufacturing of steel belts used in conveyor machines and other production line equipment. With a company mission to spread steel belts throughout the world, we manufacture and sell steel belts specially suited for each application. 
-Have you specialized only in steel belts since the founding of your company? 
Yes, that’s right. We strongly believe that you can do interesting things with steel belts. We are confident that the use of steel belts can increase productivity and solve customers’ problems. Of course, we manufacture and sell steel belts using our unique know-how. 
-Please discuss the positive qualities of steel belts.
Currently, most production line conveyors in Japan use rubber belts, but steel belts have many qualities superior to rubber belts. The fact that it does not produce dust or static electricity means that in factories manufacturing precision equipment, dust does not stick to belts and belts can be easily cleaned by just wiping the surface with alcohol. Also because odors do not form on steel belts, they are suited for food applications. Other unique qualities are that they are thin and light, durable, heat resistant, and clean looking. Our steel belts are also priced at a level closing in onto that of rubber belts. Price of our steel belts come close to that of rubber belts. In any case, customers will understand their positive qualities once they use them. 

-What are steel belts used for? 
In addition to the obvious use of steel belts to replace rubber belts in production line conveyors used by precision equipment manufacturers, food manufacturers, and other types of manufacturers, there are also many unanticipated applications. For example, they can be used in filming a commercial video of bananas being transported along, and they are also used in the interior of ecological vending machine type equipment. Steel belts are still far from being widely known. I would like to see their potential broadened by having lots of different people use them. Since November 2013 we have offered free manufacturing service for up to five companies per month so that they can try for themselves the great qualities of steel belts. 
-Is there any area where you are placing particular focus? 
In addition to our steel belt technology, we have confidence in our ability to provide service that is focused on customer satisfaction. With the goal of bringing smiles to our customers’ faces, we explore the various ideas we can propose as we arrive at a solution to the problem. Our creed is to create happiness through optimal support. To that end, we make ourselves available to communicate with customers even at night and on holidays.
-Please discuss your prospects for business overseas.
As for doing business overseas, right now it is limited to what we have listed in our company catalog, so this is an area where we still have lots of room for growth.
The US has very high quality standards, so we anticipate demand there for steel belts. We also have interest in the markets in Asia and Europe. We take pride in the fact that we have the strongest passion for steel belts in the world. By setting price ranges for the global market, we want to bring smiles to customers who are facing issues overseas. 


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