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Continuous High-Speed Carbonizing System

Continuous High-Speed Carbonizing System

Carbonization furnace equipment is a system that consists of a "conductive heat transfer dryer" and a "screw carbonization furnace" and efficiently transforms organic sludge, such as sewage sludge, into carbides or other resources.


  • Sewage treatment (Recycling of sludge, etc.)


Its exhaust heat recovery mechanism contributes to the transformation of sludge into a resource while considerably reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

  1. Conductive heat transfer dryer
    • The heating medium flows into the multitubular heating tube and dries the dehydrated sludge as the heating medium rotates.
    • Sludge can be efficiently dried because the exhaust heat loss is small and the heat transfer area is large.
  2. Screw carbonization furnace
    • Dry sludge can be efficiently carbonized.
    • Indirect heating system with high operabaility.
    • Sludge can be carbonized according to the application of the product under different conditions, from high to low-temperature carbonization.

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