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HED-W Type dewatering centrifuge


HED-W Type dewatering centrifuge

The centrifugal separator is outfitted with a two-component conditioning system, and it reduces the water content of cake more than 10% by adding polyferric sulfate to the optimum position in the high-performance HED type centrifugal dehydrator (centrifugal separator).


  • Sewage sludge
  • Various kinds of drainage


  1. It carries on the outstanding structure of HED type centrifugal dehydrators (centrifugal separators).
  2. Motor capacity reduced by power-saving GB and low centrifugal force operation
  3. Produced quantity of cake reduced by an extremely low low water content
  4. Choose either the one-component or two-component method.
  5. Tomei Engineering's existing centrifugal dehydrators (centrifugal separators) can be upgraded.
  6. Full line of centrifugal separators with treatment capacities up to 100 m³/h

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