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Aquastrainer (Rotary Drum Screen)

Aquastrainer (Rotary Drum Screen)

The rotary drum screen is used to continuously separate and remove impurities and scum contained in foul water in sewage, night soil, and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, and to ensure smooth operation of subsequent treatment processes.

Aquastrainer (Rotary Drum Screen) forcibly scrapes off filtrated impurities and is automatically cleaned with the filtrate. Thus, the screen is free of clogging and can be continuously operated while maintaining high treatment capability.


  • Sewage sludge
  • Night soil
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Other


  1. Although Aquastrainer (Rotary Drum Screen) is small in size, it can treat a large quantity of foul water because of its continuous treatment capability.
  2. Substances adhering to the screen are forcibly scraped off by a scraper, and the screen is automatically cleaned with the filtrate. Thus, clogging problems will not occur.
  3. The thoroughly hermetic structure prevents spattering of the treated water and ensures sanitary operation.
  4. The rotary drum screen is operated by a low-horsepower motor at low speed and, therefore is less likely to break down and easy to maintain and control.
  5. The optimum model can be selected according to the substance to be separated and removed.

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