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Rotary Snail

Filter dehydrator

Rotary Snail

New Energy-Saving Dewatering Machine Pressure-Filtration and Compaction-Dewatering


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The rotary pressure dewatering machine demonstrates high dewatering performance. In the rotary pressure dewatering machine, a filtration chamber (channel) consisting of two metallic disk filters rotates at a low speed of 0.2 to 1.3 rpm. The sludge conditioned by the polymer coagulant is continuously fed into the filtration chamber by the sludge injection pump under a pressure of up to 100 kPa (approx. 1 kg/cm2) for initial filtration. The sludge loses its fluidity as it moves from the filtration zone to the squeezing and dehydration zone. It is extruded to the outlet by the rotary force of the metallic disk filters. On the other hand, the inside pressure of the filtration chamber is maintained at up to 600 kPa (approx. 6 kg/cm2) at the outlet by the back pressure valve supported by the air spring, and the sludge is squeezed and dewatered.

  1. Simple structure

    The rotary pressure dewatering machine does not require any special process to start and stop operation, and it consists of fewer parts, making operation and maintenance easy.

  2. Wide range of treatment capacities

    The rotary pressure dewatering machine can handle a wide range of treatment quantities because it is easy to add channels.

  3. Lightweight and compact shape

    The body of the dewatering machine measures only 1,200 mm at its maximum diameter, and is lighter and more compact than conventional dewatering machines.

  4. Hermetic structure

    The thoroughly hermetic structure prevents odor leakage, and it is easy to implement anti-odor measures.

  5. Low power costs

    The body operates at a low speed of 0.2 to 1.3 rpm, is free of vibration and noise, and requires little power.

  6. Small quantity of cleaning water

    The rotary pressure dewatering machine does not require cleaning during operation, and performing simple cleaning after operation can resolved and prevent clogging of the metallic disk filters.

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