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TBD Sludge Thickening Decanter


TBD Sludge Thickening Decanter

This condenser was developed by further sophisticating the basic concept of TSM Sludge Dewatering Decanter (Small Size). It can stably treat a wide range of substances, including soft sludge that is difficult to sediment. Thoroughly unmanned operation can also be realized using a safety protection device, an automatic condensation control unit, and an automatic cleaning system, the latter two of which are optional items. In addition, adding a coagulant can maintain a high collection rate with a wide variety of substances to be treated and reduce power consumption.


  • Various Sludge


  1. Stable operation

    The TBD type condenser can operate with sludge for various applications.

  2. Outstanding wear resistance

    Since our original backup plate type tiles are adopted, outstanding durability and on-site replacement can be realized.

  3. Thoroughly unmanned operation

    Thoroughly unmanned operation is feasible because an automatic condensation control unit, an automatic cleaning system (both of which are optional items), and a safety protection device are available.

  4. A wide variety of models are available.

    To meet diverse needs, we offer a wide variety of models for various concentrations and applications.

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