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Sepiolite Attapulgite


Natural thixotropic material for moisture control


Sepiolite and attapulgite are clay minerals that provide aqueous suspensions with viscosity. They are excellent binders for pelletized chemical fertilizers and ceramics and thickeners for cement slurry, paint and additives. We supply sepiolite of IMV Nevada (USA) and attapulgite of Floridin (USA).


Sepiolite and attapulgite have crystalline structure incorporating channels like zeolite. They are also thixotropic (a clay that liquefies when kneaded and solidifies again when left standing) and calcinable (solidifies when heated) like kaolinite. That means, sepiolite and attapulgite have three properties at the same time: they can control moisture content as well as being thixotropic and calcinable.


Building material: Reinforcement of Rockwool building insulator, interlaminar bonding of calcium silicate boards and viscosity conditioning of the exterior walls
Flame retardant paper: Reinforcement
Automobile: Damping material and viscosity conditioning
Fertilizer: Binder
Paint/coating and adhesive: Thickener


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