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Functional materials


SiC Powder α,β -SiC Powder of Superior Graphite, USA
IMC Aluminum Evoporator Boat SINTEC's IMC Boats, Worldwide Selling Brand
Sintec Ceramic Powder and Sintered Products SINTEC Ceramics
BN (Boron nitride) SINTEC's hot pressed boron nitride: sophisticated thermal resistive ceramics
Alumina powder Uniform and Powerful Abrasive Powder
Pyrolytic Graphite Chemically inert, thermally stable, highly pure and anisotropic
PG/PBN Heater 2000℃ heat resistance
High performance under ultra-high vacuum
Corrosive gas inert
High thermal shock resistance.
PBN CVD Materials' high temperature chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process yields intrinsically pure pyrolytic boron nitride (PBN).
PBN is the ideal choice for furnace, electrical, microwave, and
semiconductor components.
Molded Quartz Custmerized Quarz in Complex Form
Organic SiC Polymer This is an organic polymer with which SiC is derived by sintering.
Desiccant Pack Desiccant Pack : Molecular Sieves
(Refrigerant drying for Automobile air-conditioner, Transport packaging).
Molecular Sieve for Bio Ethanol Dehydration (EDG) EDG is the special grade for Ethanol Dehydration which is made by USKK in JAPAN.


ZIRCAR Zirconia fibers Advanced flame retardant material
ZIRCAR alumina fibers Advanced thermal insulator


NSOM/AFM confocal microscope system NSOM/AFM Full Integration System
NanoAnalytics Q-Control System Marvelous Increase of Cantilever Q-factor
either in Air or Lliquid.
NSOM optical fiber probe Wide Selection of Probes
Lensed fiber (Nanonics) High Quality Lensed Fiber


Duocel Aluminum Foam (ERG Aerospace) Duocell Aluminum Foam from ERG Aerospace
Artifitial graphite ( UCAR ) Graphite electrodes of UCAR
GRAFOIL Flexible Graphite Sheet of Graftech Inc., USA
Graftec Graphite Graphite specialties of Graftech Inc., the world-largest manufacturer
Superior Graphite's Desulco® Desulco® is produced with Superior Graphite Co.'s patented high temperature furnace technology. This continuous process purifies the raw material at temperatures in excess of 2760゜C, resulting in the final product, Desulco®.
Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite HOPG of MTD Russia,
graphite of superb crystal orientation and high performance
eGRAF Electric Thermal Interface Graphite Sheet of Graftech Inc., USA
Machined Graphite Tomoe Engineering provides graphite products machined to the customer's requirements.
Superior Electrode Graphite Powder Best Graphite Powder for alkaline and lithium ion batteries and fuel cell