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Organic SiC Polymer


This is an organic polymer with which SiC is derived by sintering.

Product Characteristics

Starfire has developed a stable SiC Polymer (polycarbosilane).

A SiC polymer grade SMP-10 can easily form SiC onto ceramics, such as graphite, silicon carbide, etc. by applying polymer onto the substrate and heating it. Starfire has also successfully developed a single-component liquid precursor with which a high-purity SiC is deposited through CVD process. A CVD grade CVD-4000 is a groundbreaking SiC in terms of technology and sustainability. The basic structure of CVD-4000, {SiH2-CH2}n bonds is the basis of the formation of the (1:1) stoichiometric SiC not requiring additional reactants.

Characteristics of SMP-10

  • · By use of SMP-10, a high-purity SiC can be formed at 850 Degrees C.
  • · Application method could either be by brushing or by spray.
  • · There is no limit to the substrate size since sintering is possible if there is an inert atmosphere reactor available.
  • · Irrespective of what the sintered body may be, the substrate could be adopted to various fibers.
  • · If similar other grades are used, bonds of ceramics to ceramics and production of SiC ceramics itself is possible.


Characteristics of CVD-4000

  • · By use of CVD-4000, a 1:1 high-purity SiC coated film can be formed. Hydrogen contents differ by accumulated temperature.
  • · For not being corrosive and not generating corrosive gases, there is no environmental pollution by HCl as used to be with the conventional SiC CVD.
  • · Since it is a simple system, supplying the raw material to a inexpensive glass or metal reactors, high reproducibility is thus achieved.


Applications of SiC Polymer

  • · Brake Pad and Brake Rotor
  • · Jigs for Semiconductor Process and the related Coating
  • · Thermal Resistance & Oxidation Resistance Coatings
  • · Reinforcement Coating for Ceramics and Optical Fibers
  • · Adhesive for Ceramic-Ceramic and Ceramic-Metal


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