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Functional materials


Duocel Aluminum Foam (ERG Aerospace) Duocell Aluminum Foam from ERG Aerospace
Artifitial graphite ( UCAR ) Graphite electrodes of UCAR
GRAFOIL Flexible Graphite Sheet of Graftech Inc., USA
Graftec Graphite Graphite specialties of Graftech Inc., the world-largest manufacturer
Superior Graphite's Desulco® Desulco® is produced with Superior Graphite Co.'s patented high temperature furnace technology. This continuous process purifies the raw material at temperatures in excess of 2760゜C, resulting in the final product, Desulco®.
Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite HOPG of MTD Russia,
graphite of superb crystal orientation and high performance
eGRAF Electric Thermal Interface Graphite Sheet of Graftech Inc., USA
Machined Graphite Tomoe Engineering provides graphite products machined to the customer's requirements.
Superior Electrode Graphite Powder Best Graphite Powder for alkaline and lithium ion batteries and fuel cell