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Desiccant Pack


Desiccant Pack : Molecular Sieves
(Refrigerant drying for Automobile air-conditioner, Transport packaging).


This is drier in adsorbing water from a refrigerant of automobile air-conditioner and parts of transport package. All cars have a drying system for air-conditioner of refrigerant of HFC-134a and HFO-1234yf.
The base technology of drier since 1990 is using molecular sieves.
The old design has a 70-40mmDia tank in an application which has desiccant space, and inserts desiccant. The parts name is Receiver-Dryer.
The new design has approx. 30mmDia of the desiccant space at side line of condenser, and inserts a desiccant-pack.
TOMOE is distributor for molecular sieves since 1950. We have developed and designed many applications, adsorbing-systems, and many plants in Japan. TOMOE introduced molecular sieve to be used in the drier market. TOMOE is well knowledgeable of the market including QA and QC.

TOMOE’s Advantage

TOMOE cooperated to develop the market and the production system with other cooperative Japanese companies. We built new plants in Thailand and China in 2006. TOMOE supplied total 5 million desiccant-packs for would wide in 2013. Desiccant-packs are all made under custom-design. Our products have been satisfying a wide range of specifications of all automobile manufacturers; thus our products are supplied as genuine parts and service for major companies. 
And the desiccant packs are used for many applications which are for semiconductor components, transport package and water adsorption.


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