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Silica fume


High purity SiO2 amorphous particles


Silica fume is an extremely fine spherical particles, 0.15 m in average, which is a waste product of the ferrosilicon, fused zirconia and silicon production. Its addition creates several favorable material conditions. It improves strength, flowability and durability.

(a) Fine silica fume particles fill the microscopic voids between material particles and create the very dense structure. 
(b) Silica fume performs as a ball bearing between material particles. 
(c) It exhibits pozzolanic reaction.


SF-R: The products of Kuznetskie Ferrosplavy, the world largest Russian ferrosilicon producer. This grade contains more than 60% of densified 1 m (or less) particles. Silica fume collected from the furnace for 75% purity ferrosilicon is stable in quality.
SF-Silicafume: High purity silica fume supplied by Astron, the fuse zirconia manufacturer. It has a stable pH value and increases a flow of material.
SF-CZ: Chinese silica fume mainly sold to the concrete industry. 


Concrete: increase of strength, durability and workability of reinforced concrete, NATM sprayed concrete, GRC, grout material and plaster
Refractory: Increase of a flow, strength and life of monolithic refractory (castable refractory and spray)
Building material: Increase in flexural strength of non-asbestos roof tiles and exterior walls.
Fertilizer: Prevention of moisture absorption and solidification
Plastics: Fillers for PVC (durability) and plasticizer for phenolic resins (wear resistive). 

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