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Nylon Insert Lock Nut


Tecnut nylon insert locks the bolt tight. Its superior performance is valued highly. Application of Tecnut is extensive: automobiles, bicycles, boat motors, reels, airplanes, glasses, etc. .


Tecnut consists of the metallic nut and the lock-tight nylon ring insert (66-Nylon). Once Technut is screwed on the bolt, friction between the nylon ring insert and the bolt thread withstands shocks and vibration and prevents the nut from loosening. Since a decline in torque is minimal, Tecnut can be used repetitively. Tecnut does not damage the bolt because of this nylon insert. It can lock the bolt perfectly at the middle of the bolt thread. 


Various sizes, from M1.4 to M7.6, are available. Please call us.

Application Example

Automobile, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Ship, Aircraft, Construction Machine, Industrial Machine, Light Electrical Appliance, OA Equipment, Structure, Other appliances in the energy saving area, Vibrating Parts, etc.
Recently, Tech Nut has been employed to glasses, and gained a high reputation particularly in the use of rimless glasses, thanks to its feature to be locked at the middle of screw without damaging lenses.


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