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Functional materials


Molded Quartz Custmerized Quarz in Complex Form
Organic SiC Polymer This is an organic polymer with which SiC is derived by sintering.
Desiccant Pack Desiccant Pack : Molecular Sieves
(Refrigerant drying for Automobile air-conditioner, Transport packaging).
Molecular Sieve for Bio Ethanol Dehydration (EDG) EDG is the special grade for Ethanol Dehydration which is made by USKK in JAPAN.

Electronic materials

Steel Belt and its Application

Stainless Steel Belt Steel Belt is used for various purposes especially in process lines of electronic component manufacturing in perspective of its characteristics.

Global Development

Overseas businesses

Extrusion assembly and mold design High Quality and Low Price
PS, ABS, PP, PC, PA master batches Customized compounds


NSOM/AFM confocal microscope system NSOM/AFM Full Integration System
NanoAnalytics Q-Control System Marvelous Increase of Cantilever Q-factor
either in Air or Lliquid.