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Tac Carrier (Gel adhesive sheet)


Tac Carrier is made from gel self-adhesive non-silicone sheet molded with conductive polycarbonate. It is used for industrial precision parts transportation.


  • · The body is made from low out-gassing electronic conductive resin while cover is made from clear anti-static resin.
  • · Adhesiveness and elasticity of the carriers absorb impact, thus they can protect and  loaded industrial parts.
  • · Adhesive component does not transfer to loaded industrial parts.
  • · Various degree of carrier adhesiveness applies to various loaded industrial parts. 
  • · The cover is easy to open up while handling loaded parts is also easy. 
  • · Carrier can be stacked up, which contribute to efficient use of space.
  • · Logo or different line pattern printing is available on the carrier.




Tac Carrier Introduction [2page]

Tac Carrier Outgas Data [1page]


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