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Electronic materials

Steel Belt and its Application

Stainless Steel Belt Steel Belt is used for various purposes especially in process lines of electronic component manufacturing in perspective of its characteristics.
Steel Belt Conveyor This is used for transport of products such as precision parts and foodstuff & provisions that would need to avoid effect from belt deterioration & damage, particle generation, and electrostatic charge.
Exchange Steel Belt can be purchased from 1 unit.
Steel Belt for Oil Skimmer With the use of Steel Belt for Oil Skimmer, it is possible to bring down total cost from performance and price perspective in comparison with the conventional belt. This does not require any remodeling of existing equipment (pulley, etc.) and allows easy switching from your current belt used.
About Hucon Ltd. Hucon is introduced as "Excellent Companies in Yokohama" under EconomicAffairs Bureau City of Yokohama.
The below is the interview issue of Hucon Steel Belt Conveyer.