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Hub blade Hub blades for silicon wafers
Capillary Recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of capillaries for fine-pitch ball bonding applications.
Wedge MPP manufactures a complete line of standard and custom wedge tools to fit all applications down to 50um and all types of wedge bonding machines.
Single point TAB tool MPP manufactures tools for single point TAB and Magnetic Head bonding to fit all major bonding systems.
IC tray IC trays for various package types
Tac Carrier (Gel adhesive sheet) Tac Carrier is made from gel self-adhesive non-silicone sheet molded with conductive polycarbonate. It is used for industrial precision parts transportation.
Tac Plate (Gel adhesive sheet) Adhesiveness and elasticity of the sheet soften impact, hold and protect various industrial parts safely.
Tac Tray (Gel adhesive sheet) Strong adhesiveness and elasticity of sheet can absorb impact, thus it can protect and hold various industrial parts.
Tac Sheet (Gel adhesive sheet) Adhesive sheet firmly fixes various industrial parts and equipment.
Pin Mat Protrude from surface of the sheet hold various industrial parts and soften impact from outside.
Electric Conductive Closed Container Various kinds of industrial parts can be carried by container.
Electric Conductive Tray/Basket By using in combination with Tac Sheets or Pin Mat, they can be used for storage and protection of various industry parts.
Reticle Case Reticle Case TC-Series can store reticles with pellicles safely.
You can very easily open and close its door, while protecting cleanliness of its interior environment with its tight sealing capability.
Apply Ceramic to Worn Parts of Jigs We can provide long-life, superior-productivity, recyclable and low-cost product with short lead time.