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Message from the President

"Provide advanced technology and products of superb quality and contribute to society."
This is one of Tomoe Engineering's management philosophies.

We have practiced this philosophy since our foundation.
We are a unique company combining manufacturer and trading firm functions.

As a general centrifugal separator manufacturer mainly producing decanter type centrifugal separators, our machinery and equipment manufacture/sale business (manufacturer function) has supplied a wide variety of separators to many industrial fields, including food processing, fishery, chemistry, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, steel making, and electric power, and contributed greatly to the development of Japanese industry.
In the late 1970s, we were among the first companies to enter the environmental industry, and we have since been engaged in an environmental conservation business focusing on sewage and industrial wastewater treatment. Nowadays, to meet the diversifying and increasingly complex of our customers, we are striving to constantly offer solutions to problems, which we confront with close teamwork by our sales, engineering, and manufacturing departments, based on the many years of experience we have accumulated as a machinery and equipment manufacturer.

Not long after World War II, in 1963, Tomoe Engineering's chemical products business (trading firm function) was the first in Japan to introduce the American company Union Carbide's polyethylene for sheathing of the marine cables laid across the Pacific Ocean. It has also contributed immensely to the development of the Japanese economy by importing cutting-edge products from Europe, the U.S., and other countries and supplying them to various Japanese industries. As a specialized chemical products trading firm, we are further committed having a chemical products business that provides products and information that can directly profit our customers, under the motto "Profit to Customers & Tomoe."

Tomoe Engineering is currently promoting 12th mid-term management plan "Change For The Future" to achieve steady growth for ourselves, regardless of external conditions.

This website serves as a forum for communication with our customers, to bring them a better understanding of Tomoe Engineering's corporate activities.
It will publish the latest information about our products, services, and/or management activities in a timely manner. In the interest of establishing closer communication, we welcome any comments or requests.