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President Hitoshi Yamamoto

Tomoe Engineering was founded in 1941 as a specialized manufacturer of centrifugal separators and started the import and sale of chemical products soon after World War II, in 1952.
Since then, we have operated for more than 60 years as a unique company consisting of two core businesses.

One of our core businesses is a manufacturer function of manufacturing and selling centrifugal separators and other products; the other is a specialized trading firm function of importing and selling a wide variety of cutting-edge products, mainly chemical products. The former is called the machinery and equipment manufacture/sale business (machinery and equipment business), and the latter the chemical products sale business (chemical products business). One of our strengths is that the businesses have competed with each other and maintained high business performance to date.

Under the management policy "Provide advanced technology and products of superb quality and contribute to society," Tomoe Engineering is striving to create and maximize corporate value to achieve management that satisfies all stakeholders as the prime objective.

Companies today face a rapidly intensifying environment, but Tomoe Engineering has survived many difficulties in its 70-plus years of history.
We will never lose our attitude and will to appropriately respond to external changes and maximize corporate value with all our energy.
We are determined to make all efforts to be a company with strong growth and to meet the expectations of all our shareholders and all other stakeholders.

Tomoe Engineering is about to be reborn.
We hope you will look forward to our future growth in the long term.