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Privacy Policy

Tomoe Engineering considers the appropriate protection of personal information to be a social responsibility and duty, we and protect personal information securely based on the following policies.

  1. Tomoe Engineering clearly defines, explains, discloses, or provides notification of the purpose of use of personal information within the scope necessary for its business operations, collects and uses any personal information in a legal, fair manner within the scope required to achieve that purpose, and refrains from using it for any purposes deviating from the scope of the purpose of use of personal information.
  2. Tomoe Engineering does not offer or make available any personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the person concerned except in any of the following cases:
    1. (1) When required to do so by law
    2. (2) When Tomoe Engineering is required to cooperate with any administrative authority in a special circumstance
    3. (3) When Tomoe Engineering entrusts any business operation within the appropriate scope
    4. (4) When Tomoe Engineering jointly uses or shares personal information in the Tomoe Engineering group within the appropriate scope
  3. Tomoe Engineering strives to keep the personal information it possesses accurate and updated, and takes the necessary safety control measures to prevent loss, defamation, falsification, leakage, unauthorized access, or the like thereof when handling it.
  4. If the disclosure, correction, or the like of the personal information of an individual is requested, Tomoe Engineering asks the individual for their consent to disclose or correct it, and promptly handles such requests unless there is any special reason to reject it.
  5. Tomoe Engineering strives to observe laws and complementary rules and standards concerning personal information protection, and to establish and maintain an internal personal information protection system and improve it as needed and as appropriate so that it can be operated effectively and appropriately.
  6. Tomoe Engineering appoints an administrator for personal information protection, a chief privacy officer and implementation manager so that the implementation of personal information protection policy can be ensured.

Handling of personal information

Purpose of use of personal information

Tomoe Engineering uses the obtained personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Provision of its products and services and provision of related after-sale services and release of related information
  2. Management of contracts with customers
  3. Activities concerning CSR (corporate social responsibility)
  4. Management of shareholders
  5. Employment (including recruitment) of employees and personnel management
  6. Management of facilities and appliances

Please note that Tomoe Engineering may entrust provided personal information to its contractors to achieve the abovementioned purpose of use.

Joint use
  1. In the Tomoe Engineering Group, we jointly use personal information on customers, including their representative names, company names, sections, addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers, for the provision of products, and services we handle and of related after-sales services and for the release of related information.
  2. In the Tomoe Engineering Group, we jointly use personal information on employment management, including the names, birth dates, genders, sections, facial photos, families, education and training, skills, qualifications, educational backgrounds, business careers, and contact information of employees, for the purpose of employment and personnel management.
  3. Tomoe Engineering is responsible for the management of personal information to be jointly used as described above. Procedure for requesting the disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information.
Procedure for requesting the disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information
  1. To request the disclosure, correction, or the like of your personal information held by Tomoe Engineering, please ask the contact person shown below.
  2. We will send the specified request form to your address. Fill it in and mail it back to the contact person. You may be requested to submit a document for identification or pay a disclosure request fee.
  3. If we receive such requests, we will confirm the registered information and send a reply by mail or electromagnetic means. Your request may not be accepted due to failure of identification or for another reason. We will strive to reply as soon as possible, but please note that it may take time.

Inquiries about personal information

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